Barnhouse's Crazy Music Store Leaves Columbia Downtown

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COLUMBIA - Barnhouse's Crazy Music Store is leaving downtown to its new location in Parkade Center on Business Loop 70.

After seven years at Eighth and Locust Streets, the lease ran out at the end of December.

"We understand that our lease was not going to be renewed for a couple of different reasons that were bandied about, but we couldn't wait to find out so we started to looking around," Bill Barnhouse, co-owner of the Crazy Music Store said.

Barnhouse co-owns the business with his wife, Heidi. Barnhouse said the downtown location isn't helping with his store's parking situation.

"We rent equipment so people come in and they need to pull in close so they can load up," Barnhouse said. "Downtown didn't really have anything for us, so we had talked to the Parkade Center people over a couple years and they were excited to have us, so we decided to pitch our tent there."

Barnhouse said the Parkade Center had gone through ownership changes some time ago and he thinks it's rejuvenating. He said it appeals to them now and hopefully the whole area will come back to life.

"It used to be very vibrant. As Columbia moved south, it went down a little bit, but it's coming back," Barnhouse said.

The new place will be about 300 feet bigger than it's current 1,800 square feet store.

"We got a nice back room there, more like a square oriented place. Although it's a little bit bigger, we fill it up pretty good," Barnhouse said.

Guitar bags and boxes were all over the floor at the Barnhouse's Crazy Music Store on Saturday, but customers didn't seem bothered by them and still come in to the store for purchase and rental. Barnhouse said they are in the middle of packing process and it's quite hard.

"You take a hammer and you just keep hitting the stuff and put it into a box and carry it on your shoulder. It's hard," Barnhouse said. "You are tearing down years and years of bringing stuff in, and there are probably more stuff now there I brought in 8 years ago."

The last day in the store's current location will be on Dec. 31, 2013. The new place will open at 601 Business Loop 70 West, Suite 201 in Columbia on Jan. 6, 2014 at 10a.m.

"I think we are on the road to prosperity. I'm very hopeful and excited to try it," Barnhouse said.

For more information, go to the Barnhouse's Crazy Music Store's website.