Bash celebrates the end of summer

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COLUMBIA - Cooper’s Landing End of Summer Bash kicked off Sunday to finish up the landing’s busy summer season with a bang.

From 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., people can get BBQ, Thai food and drinks, and listen to live music from three different bands.

“This is really what’s going to bring everyone together to celebrate one more night really well, and just go all out,” Autumn Leitza, special events assistant said. “This is the end of summer, one last party hoorah!”

People began pitching tents, parking campers and claiming RV spots on Friday to guarantee a good spot for the weekend.

The manager of Cooper’s Landing anticipates around 200 to 700 people will come to the bash. Last year alone, the event raised upward of $6,000 in profit.

Preparation for the bash began in February. Vanessa Leitza, Cooper's Landing manger and Autumn’s mother, spent months hunting for the right bands and chose Todd Day Wait, Bradley Cunningham Band and Bruce Poe Band. 

The three bands are regular performers at Cooper’s Landing.

New to the bash this year is the Sand Bar, an outdoor tiki hut bar. It was designed to help the flow of service and lower wait times.

With all the food and music, staff at Cooper’s Landing want to see people having fun, provide a sense of community, celebrate the end of summer, and make a profit while doing it.

“I just love seeing it,” Autumn said. “It’s very exciting and makes you feel really good. Like hey, we did this. We put this together. And everyone loves the food, and everyone is having a good time.”

Vanessa said the event comes with a bitter-sweet feeling as it signals the end of the prime season. In just two months, Cooper’s Landing will be quiet once more.