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JEFFERSON CITY - People of all ages came together to battle robots in the SumoBot Challenge at LabSpace Robotics in Jefferson City Saturday.

The two-hour long challenge consists of two parts: assembling the robots from scratch and then putting the creations head-to-head in an all out battle for dominance. Teams have 90 minutes to assemble the robots and LabSpace provides all the parts and programming needed to build one. 

The owner of LabSpace Robotics Annette Alberts says the event extends far beyond just battling robots.

"We like that it usually is a family affair with the kids," said Alberts. "They can learn to build with mom or dad or grandpa and have a chance to have a really easy introduction to robotics. It's high energy and lots of fun."

However, for Mikael Chase, one of the builders, the best part is simply the process of constructing his own creation.

"I mean tech's been my thing," said Chase. "The fun thing about it really is you get to build this robot and you get to design it how you want." 

The robots ranged from simple to complex and were bound only by the builder's imagination. One robot featured a saw-like blade at the very front of it. Another robot used a ramp on the front to lift any opponents.  

LabSpace, the venue for the event, provides a variety of technology-oriented teaching to children including instruction on robotics, stop-motion animation and programming. They sponsor events around the community as well.