\"Battle: Change From Within\" Documentary Honors Local Leader

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COLUMBIA - A documentary honoring the leadership of Eliot Battle during his time as a teacher and administrator for Columbia Public Schools was shown Wednesday evening at the Columbia Public Library. Eliot Battle worked for Columbia Public Schools while the system was racially segregated. The city's new high school is named after his late wife, Muriel.

Four filmmakers spent about three years on the film and all of them said they are very close friends with Battle. One of the writers/editors, Michael Hicks, said the most impressive characteristic of Battle was how coolly he worked to solve difficult problems in society.

"Eliot played such a key role at a time of transition for the community because he faced a lot of opposition," said Hicks.

The filmmakers said the hardest part of the process was having to edit out some of their favorite scenes from the film in order to keep it under an hour. They said the film was funded by $24,000 worth of donations from over 100 Columbia organizations.