Battle High School Hosts First Fundraising Event

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COLUMBIA - Battle High School hosted its first all-day fundraising event Saturday outside the school and at the Lake of the Woods Golf Course.

A 5K run and a golf tournament started off the event.

More than 20 runners participated in the 5K run, and 10 teams played in the golf tournament.

Battle High School's principal, Kim Presko, participated in the golf tournament.

"There's a number of things we need," Presko said. "We were fortunate that the taxpayers built our school in its full capacity, but there's just a lot of things we need to provide to get the same opportunities that students get at Hickman and Rockbridge."

Presko said one of the main projects the school is working on is to put more lights in the practice fields.

"We can't raise enough money in one day to do that, and it's probably about a $100,000 with all the lighting and all the wiring that goes with it," Presko said. "But today, our goal was $45,000."

The rest of the day consisted of a silent auction and Battle Bistro, where local restaurants provide different types of food.

One Battle member faculty said the event was very successful, and the fundraising is different from other schools' because it is not to benefit sports, but to benefit everybody in the school.