Bee pollen could help remedy your seasonal allergies

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COLUMBIA - The allergy season is in full swing and people mid-Missouri are scrambling for ways to alleviate their symptoms. 

Doctors often prescribe inhalers, drugs and even masks for those with severe reactions. 

Jacques Laboile, a local apiarist has kept bees for the last 23 years, said the honey his bees produce can help remedy allergic reactions to local plant life.

"One of the best things that one can do is to find a local bee keeper or apiarist and consume honey, and that would tone down their reactions."

Laboile explains the products the bees leave behind help get your body ready for allergens you may encounter in the air.

He said the honey contains pollen, which will cause a reaction inside your body, rather than the typical outside reactions like a runny nose or itchy eyes.

Wednesday marked the largest spike in airborne allergens this year, coming mostly from trees like Oak, Mulberry and Hickory.

KOMU 8 Chief Metrologist Kenton Gewecke blames the sudden temperature increase on the high pollen count. 

"It warmed up so quickly and everything bloomed at once," Gewecke said. "Because it all happened so fast, it's really contributed to the allergens in the air."

A product that may work even better than the honey, Loboile said, is the pollen the bees leave behind.

"The pollen can come from such a large variety of plants, it really helps guard your body from all possible encounters you may run into on a daily basis."

Laboile collects the pollen from over a dozen boxes that line his yard. Once dried and cleaned the pollen is ready for consumption.

Laboile sells his products at the Columbia farmers market and said his customers can't get enough. "At first when I was selling the pollen, very few people knew about it," he said. "But now it has become a vogue apparently, as the people begin to realize what it does."

"I actually can't keep up with it, I run out, I run out very early."

KOMU reached out to an allergy specialist who preferred to be left anonymous, but agreed bee honey and pollen can help those that suffer from seasonal allergies.

The specialist added while bee honey and pollen can help, a doctor would be able to better prescribe a solution than a farmer.