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COLUMBIA - Broadway Brewery owner Paul Dickerson wasn't brewing beer on Wednesday, but he and his colleagues have been making beer downtown since September 2009.  

Dickerson said people have misconceptions about beer.  For example, a darker-colored beer doesn't mean it has a higher percentage of alcohol. 

The brewery currently has nine beers on tap that it brews in house.  It offers some beers seasonally and it's currently featuring Barley Wine, Imperial Stout and Chocolate Ginger Stout.  Dickerson said making beer is surprisingly pretty easy.  The initial process begins in the brewing phase and lasts about 12 hours.  The next step is fermentation and that takes two to three weeks. 

"It's like making coffee.  You're extracting the sugars out and leaving the plant material just like you would with coffee beans," said Dickerson.

The brewery is expanding it's kitchen and eating area but it will leave the brewery untouched.