Beginning of Spring Brings Unwanted Allergies

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COLUMBIA - Wednesday marks the first day of Spring, which means the beginning of allergy season. Although it's still cold outside, Wednesday's pollen count is ranked "Medium" by at 7.1 out of 12 and just last week, Columbia hit 9.2. The main reason for the higher count is southern winds blowing pollen up from pollen-heavy areas in the South.

Local allergist Marcy Markes, MSN, said when there's three days in a row of 60 degrees or more, the trees start to pollinate. But, she said there are a few easy ways to limit your allergy problems.

"Stay indoors, keep the windows up in the car", said Markes. "Other things you can do are HEPA filters in the bedroom. Next would be medications, antihistamines. All of them are available over-the counter now."

The main allergies in Missouri are from elm, juniper and maple trees, but grass and weeds can also create allergy problems.