Bellflower Alderman Still Serving Despite Meth Charges

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BELLFLOWER - Leonard Gott Jr. still serves the town of Bellflower as an alderman despite facing felony drug charges for manufacturing methamphetamine. Gott was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, but his attorney was granted another continuance in the case.

Some residents are not pleased with an accused meth cooker continuing in an elected position.

"It's an embarrassment to the township," said Mike Moeller, a Bellflower resident. "We've had mayors step down for DUIs before. They just knew it was the right thing to do...this guy won't do that."

Gott was elected to the Bellflower Board of Aldermen last April, and was arrested after a joint investigation by the East Central Drug Task Force and the Missouri State Highway Patrol in September.

He's been serving on the board ever since his arrest and has no plans to resign. He and his attorney have refused to comment on the case.