Benton-Stephens Residents Raise Concerns

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COLUMBIA - Residents in the Benton-Stephens neighborhood are raising concerns about how Columbia's six wards are redistricted. Right now the area near Benton Elementary School is on the west side of ward three.

Because of Columbia's 2010 census results though, the city is redistricting their wards to try and make them all a fair portion. The wards became unbalanced when ward one in the middle of the city lost more than 4,500 people between 2000 and 2010.

Trial A would expand ward one on both the east and the west and bring areas like Benton-Stephens into it. Trial D would do the same thing but expand even more on the southwest side and take a bite out of ward four. Trial B expands on the northeast side of ward one, but that is it.

The reapportionment committee has to reccomend one of these proposals by September 15th.