Bernie Sanders supporters rally during Missouri presidential primaries

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COLUMBIA - Democrats gathered across Missouri on Tuesday night to wait and watch for final presidential primary results.

Hillary Clinton supporters did not host an official watch party in Columbia.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders supporters gathered at their downtown Columbia campaign office to wait for results together.

Bernie Sanders volunteer Josephine Smiley said she has helped campaign for Sanders since October.

"This is a party we organized for the Bernie Sanders volunteers to sort of say 'thank you' for all of their hard work during this campaign," Smiley said.

Volunteers said they believe Sanders has a chance to win the Missouri Democratic primary.

"I'm full of hope," Smiley said. "I have a lot of hope that he can win Missouri. I hope he does. If he does, I don't know exactly what I'll do or say but I'll be celebrating."

Alejo Gonzales, student coordinator for Mid-MO for Bernie, said it was his first time voting. He said if Sanders wins, he will celebrate with everyone at the watch party.

"Tears," Gonzales said. "On the ground rolling. I'm going to be so happy."