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FAYETTE - Black History Month is coming to an end, but there's still a lot to celebrate. Members of the community joined together to continue the celebration with a program.

People filled the rows of Holy Ground Christian Tabernacle Church to fellowship.

The theme of the program was "Moving Closer to Our Destiny."

Program Director Monique Chapman said the theme is related to the progression being made in numerous communities.

"We are moving forward, instead of progressing backwards," she said.

Chapman said the month is to be celebrated year round and not just in February.

"We can have more programs like this, we can join together and have more opportunities as a community to learn about each other and learn about different cultures in the community," she said.

The program included song, spoken word, a poem, a quilt presentation dedicated to black history and Chapman was the speaker of the program.

Christopher Hubbard presented in the form of spoken word with the title, "Do Black Lives Really Matter?"

"Black lives have to matter to black people, before it means anything to anyone else," Hubbard said.

During the program, a special presentation was dedicated to three of the oldest African-American mothers in Fayette. The three mothers were Mrs. Geraldine Paige, Mrs. Helen Jackman and Mrs. Louis Williams.