Big 12 Continues to Meet, Mizzou Doesn't Vote

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IRVING, TX -- The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors agreed to a grant of television rights for six years, in a meeting today. The Board unanimously approved the proposal, but the University of Missouri did not vote, on the advice of legal counsel.

The plan was a joint proposal by the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas. Included in the plan are agreements on the showcasing of high school football games, a hotly debated topic due in large part to the new Longhorn Network.

The bylaws state that no high school games or highlights are to be shown by any member institution media outlet, but it does note that scores and standing are allowed to be shown, according to NCAA laws. The agreement also declares that additional games, beyond the one member institution football game for telecast purposes, must be approved by both institutions and both Conference telecast partners.