Bikers Benefit from Boonville Bridge

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BOONVILLE - Bikers and hikers will benefit now that the city of Boonville has purchased the old Union Pacific Bridge.  Locals call it the Katy Bridge, because it connects the Katy Trail. The city bought the bridge from Union Pacific for $10.

Who cares?  Well, the Boonville Visitors Center said the Katy Bridge will bring more people to Boonville. How many more?  You guess, but this is bikers, not motorists.

Fixing the classic, old iron hunk won't hurt taxpayers. The city council voted not to pay the restoration. The Save the Katy Bridge Coalition is responsible forthat.

Coalition President Paula Shannon hopes to host events to raise the money. A St. Louis guy crazy about old bridges -- Jack Taylor -- is in for $200,000.

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