Biking licensing may be able to keep you more safe

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COLUMBIA- If you’re biking in Columbia without a biking license, you’re breaking the law. Columbia Parks and Recreation is using Bike, Walk and Wheel Week advocate for bike licensing to keep the Columbia biking community secure.

If you own a bike, ordinance 14-494 requires you to license it. You can register it year round at all 9 fire stations. Firefighters will do a quick safety check to make sure the bike is working properly.

 Janet Godon has been involved with Bike, Walk and Wheel Week for eight years. Godon said the main reason they want people to license their bikes is because it helps identify you if you were to be involved in a biking accident and can quicken the return of a lost or stolen bicycle.

 “We want people to be aware that it’s not only important, but it’s the law,” Godon said. “What a lot of people don’t know about bicycle lights is that they think it’s important for them to see the area where they are going when in reality its important for drivers to be able to see you at night.”

 When you register your bicycle a serial number is entered into a computer system and kept for future reference. Then you will be given a sticker to apply to the frame of your bike.

 “I’ve see a lot of people go from riding only on a trail to getting a little more courageous and going out to bike friendly streets and going from recreational cyclists to a commuter,” Godon said.

 Godon said she doesn’t know if the law is strictly enforced but it is still important for safety.