Bill on doctor licensing raises concerns about medical health

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JEFFERSON CITY - A new bill could increase the number of doctors in Missouri. However, some feel that the bill could put their medical health at risk.

The Missouri House approved a bill Thursday that would allow aspiring doctors to take the exam to become a licensed physician more than three times. The current law limits aspiring doctors to a three-time limit for the test.

Rep. Keith Frederick (R - Rolla), who is also a practicing orthopedic surgeon, sponsored the bill. The bill passed with a 110-36 vote.

However, not all doctors feel that this change is for the better.

"There's obviously got to be a reason that someone cannot pass a test on the knowledge base that they are supposed to accumulate to become a physician,"  Providence Urgent Care physician Dr. Jason Zerrer said.

Doctors must undergo four years of undergraduate education, four years in medical school and residency before applying for a permanent license to practice medicine.

"I'm not sure why you would remove the limit. I think they're probably doing it to alleviate the shortage of doctors, but I guess the question to ask is at what cost?" Zerrer said. 

The House sent the bill to the Senate.