Bill on its way to governor could affect workers wages

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JEFFERSON CITY - A proposed bill would put the state in charge of setting employment laws instead of individual cities.

House Bill 722 would keep all discussions of increasing minimum wage, mandating sick leave, and banning plastic bags to the state level. 

"We're seeing more and more cities take on issues that are best handled at the state level," said Rep. Dan Shaw (R-Imperial). 

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce said when the issues are handled at the city level it becomes a problem for employers.

"If Missouri continues to allow individual cities to establish their own employment laws, it makes our state a less attractive place to do business," Missouri Chamber President Daniel Mehan said. "One of the things that employers really need is consistency. They need to know what the rules are and they'll play by them but if they keep changing all around it causes a problem."  

Local policital organization Progress Missouri doesn't agree, and believes cities should be able to their own individual decisions. 

The bill is on it's way to Gov. Jay Nixon for review.