Bill That Protects Cellular Companies Awaiting Nixon's Signature

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JEFFERSON CITY - A bill awaiting Gov. Jay Nixon's approval would protect cell phone companies when they provide location services to law enforcement.

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Senate Bill 651 passed in the House and Senate and was delivered to Nixon's desk Thursday.

The bill protects cell phone companies like Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and US Cellular when they provide location services to law enforcement for emergency purposes.

The bill would protect the providers during situations where the individual whose information was given to law enforcement wanted to sue the company for releasing that information.

One Sergeant from the Columbia Police Department said the department has used cell phone locators in previous cases.

He said CPD decides to work with the cell phone providers during emergency purposes that put an individual's personal safety in danger. In order to use these location services, law enforcement must know which cell phone provider is used by the individual they're trying to locate.