Bill to fund state capitol repairs passes legislature

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JEFFERSON CITY - A bill allocating almost $400 million to capital services across the state, including funds to repair the Capitol building, awaited a signature from Gov. Jay Nixon Thursday.

The Missouri House of Representatives made final approval for the bill after the Senate made amendments earlier in the week that set aside $10 million to fund maintenance at state parks. 

The House had initially cut that state park funding when the bill was first introduced. 

The final bill will dedicate $40 million in funds for building repairs at the Capitol building in Jefferson City. 

"The Missouri State Capitol is an iconic historical structure which should be honored and preserved for future generations of this state," said Office of Administration Spokesperson Ryan Burns. "The Office of Administration is prepared to move forward with the critical repairs, including the aging exterior stone and related to structure."

However, one resident is unsure that Capitol repairs are an effective use of taxpayer money. 

"If the repairs are something that will keep an accident from happening in the building, I would have no problem with that," said Columbia resident Dwight Todd. "Other than that, I think they can maybe put it off and spend the money elsewhere."

Todd said state funds should be spent on more important issues like increasing pay for teachers and state employees. 

A majority of the rest of the funding from the bill would pay for building repairs to other state-owned buildings such as public universities.