Bill To Help Businesses

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JEFFERSON CITY - According to Missouri law, if your house is completely destroyed the property tax is re-evaluated to the current value of the property. The same cannot be said for businesses. If a business is wiped out, it still must pay the full property tax on the property.

This is something Representative Bill White of Joplin wants to change.

"I didn't even know about it until it was brought to my attention," White said. "But once I found out about it, I wanted to change it right away."

White proposed a bill that would do just that. His bill is pro-rated to when the disaster hit. For example, if passed, businesses in Joplin would not pay 7/12ths of the property tax. They would only be responsble for the first 5 months because they were in business until then.

Rep. White was quick to point out that this bill only affects businesses that were completely destroyed. If a business lost a roof or windows, it is not covered under the bill.