Bill would change parental notification for minors seeking abortions

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Mid-Missouri lawmaker  is pushing a bill that would change the laws regarding the parental notification required for a minor to receive an abortion. 

Republican Rep. Rocky Miller is taking the bill to the House for a fifth time on Tuesday. 

House Bill 127 would require parental notification to both mother and father in order for the minor to have an abortion.  

Miller said this bill has yet to pass because it's a fairly new language for the Senate.

"Another thing, for the longest time I was told that the AMA was against my bill and that didn't sound right at all," said Miller. 

However, after Miller did some research he found out that the AMA (American Medical Association) does agree and believes that both parents should know if a minor is obtaining an abortion. Miller decided to present the bill one more time on January 9, 2019.

Miller said 65% people who identify as pro-abortion rights are in favor of notifying the parents.  

The bill defines "custodial parents" in which the parents have not been separated or divorced. The bill would not include a parent: 

  • convicted of certain crimes and offenses as outline in the law;
  • who is listed on the sexual offender registry;
  • against whom an order of protection has been issued;
  • whose custodial, parental, guardianship rights have been terminated by a court; or
  • whose whereabouts are unknown, who is a fugitive from justice, who is habitually in an intoxicated or drugged condition, or who has been declared mentally incompetent. 

The bill would allow a minor to petition a court for a waiver of the consent requirement. 

"In all cases, this law is unnecessary, but for those who are in situations of abuse, it is especially immoral to require a young woman to get consent from or to notify her abuser of her decision to terminate a pregnancy," said Allison Klinghammer, Communications Manager for NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Klinghammer does not agree with HB 127 and said it would make obtaining an abortion even more difficult in a state where abortion is already severely limited.