Bill would lower tax on diapers, feminine and incontinence products

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COLUMBIA - Right now, Missourians pay more taxes on diapers than other groceries, but a new state bill could change that.

House Bill 747 would lower the tax for diapers, feminine hygiene products and incontinence products to the same price as other essential products like groceries.

“It would be very hard as a mom to not be able to afford the things that you not just want to provide, but need to provide for your kids,” mother-of-two Kendra Christians said. Christians is a former KOMU 8 employee.

The bill would lower the tax from four percent to one percent. Christians said that might not seem like much, but the money adds up.

“It might not add up to a lot per box of product that you’re buying, but in the end, it adds up,” she said. “Every penny, every dollar, it really makes a difference because these are products that parents and women need.”

Christians said her nine-month-old son goes through thousands of diapers every year. 

"Diapers and wipes are things that we buy all year ‘round," she said. "This would make a huge difference annually and over the span of a couple of years that you’re buying those products for your kids."

There was no opposition to the bill during a Special Committee on Aging hearing Wednesday.