Bill would prohibit the sale of medical marijuana edibles

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Missouri state senator wants to prohibit the sale of many forms of edible medical marijuana. 

A bill is being heard Wednesday by the Health and Pensions Committee. The bill would prohibit the sale of "gummies, lollipops, cotton candy or any product using the word candy or candies."

It also says, "products in the shape of a human, animal or fruit including realistic, artistic, caricature, or cartoon rendering," will also be prohibited. 

The bill sponsor, Sen. Bob Onder, R-St. Charles said, "the problem we've seen in other states that have medical marijuana laws, is that manufacturers sometimes make products that are especially attractive to children." 

He said he wants to prevent Missouri from suffering the same fate as other states, where there were cases of children getting hold of edibles and having to be hospitalized. 

Medical marijuana advocate Daniel Dodson said the bill has good intentions but isn't necessary. 

"This bill seems to me, to be well meaning, but in the end if parents are irresponsible young people can get a hold of drugs now," said Dodson. 

He also said the bill can be a burden to people who don't like to smoke but rely on medical marijuana. 

"I'm troubled by the fact that a lot of people don't like to smoke, and edibles are an important of people who need medical marijuana being able to consume medical marijuana," said Dodson. 

Onder said the bill has received bipartisan support so far. 

"Some senators who are very pro medical marijuana worked with me on this, to really make sure we safeguard our children," he said.