Bills Support Foster Care Families Signed into Law

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ST. LOUIS - Governor Jay Nixon signed three bills into law Monday afternoon at a ceremony in St. Louis. Two of the bills would improve benefits for families with foster children. Under one of the new laws, foster parents will be able to get health insurance as state employees would do. "For the children that really need the most care, the most attention, those foster care parents really have to devote pretty much their entire time to take care for these children," Governor's Press Secretary Scott Holste said. "We want to make sure that these foster parents will be able to get health insurance because often they will not have a job outside of this."

Another bill would make sure foster children get credits when they transfer from one school to another. "We want to make sure that what they've been able to achieve academically can then follow them to the next school," Holste said. "And often in a foster care program you may see children have to move from one foster care family to another."

A third bill would create a tax break for taxpayers who donate to facilities that provide care for people with developmental disabilities. Taxpayers will receive credits in an amount that equals half of their donations. Eligible donations may include cash, stocks, bonds or real estate.