Biomass project included in utility board meeting's agenda

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COLUMBIA – The Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board’s fiscal year is done, and projects are beginning to take shape.

A packed agenda will be addressed at the monthly Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board meeting Wednesday morning in downtown Columbia. The Boiler 7 Biomass Project will be a topic of discussion, in particular. Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board Chairmen John Conway said the project is ongoing, but its importance has not waivered.

“We are looking at the different types of bio mass that we can use to get the heat rate in order to create the steam to run the generator,” Conway said. “We will have a staff report as to where we are at with [the Boiler 7 project].”

The Boiler 7 project is still in the works, but Conway expects to hear about progress at the meeting.

“It is still under testing and that is what will be reported as to what the progress is, and [we will check if we] are achieving the heat rate that we want in order to make it operate like it needs to,” Conway added. “Also if there has been any problems with it, [we will] reveal what those are and what the correct actions must be taken to make it work.”

A project featuring a partnership between the Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board and the Downtown Columbia Improvement District will also be a topic of discussion. The downtown lighting project will provide additional safety lighting to downtown Columbia. Conway noted that that project is nearing its end.

“It is in the Capital Improvement Program, it is just a matter of working out the details with the CID downtown,” Conway said. “[We are] establishing the area that they want to do, the type of light, the type of pole, the color of the pole and all of the various aspects of what will be most workable in the CID area.” 

Both topics are among a number of topics that will be discussed Wednesday.