Birthday Boy Raises Money for Alzheimer's by Playing Games

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COLUMBIA- Instead of recieving money for his birthday, one columbia boy spent all day Saturday raising it. 

9-year-old Alex Elletson is participating in the Alzheimer's disease fundraiser "the Longest Day" that is held every year on the summer solstice. It encourages people to pick an activity they enjoy and participate in it as long as the sun is out.  Elletson chose games.  

He, his friends and family switched games every hour.  The games included chess, baseball and Mario Cart. 

Elletson first learned about Alzheimer's when he was assigned the topic for a class project.  His mom then told him that his great-grandfather had the disease.  Through his reasearch he learned about "the Longest Day" fundraiser.  

"I came across 'the Longest Day' and I thought it would be really cool to do it," said Elletson, "And I found out it was on my birthday and I thought it would be a good birthday celebration." 

Elletson's goal was to raise $250 but he ended up raising over $950. The money will go towards research, care and support of Alzheimer's patients.

"I was really surprised when I got over my goal," Elletson said, "I was happy at the same time." 

Elletson plans to finish out his long day with cake and ice cream.