Black Friday deals

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COLUMBIA – Shoppers put down their forks and picked up their wallets as Black Friday deals ran into Thanksgiving.

Many stores around mid-Missouri and the nation opened their doors for early holiday shopping on Thursday. The Best Buy on Worley Street had a line of people running the entire front of the building hours before the doors opened around 5 p.m.

Store general manager Mark Flakne said he was happy with how the sale turned out when the crowds settled.

“We make a real strong plan and hope for the best,” Flakne said.

Many electronics, including game consoles and televisions, were among the doorbuster items shoppers bought up during the store’s early sale. Some shoppers left unhappy after the store handed out tickets for high-demand items to people at the front of the line. 

Shopper Alberto Guerrero said he adjusted his Thanksgiving schedule to purchase a new Xbox and video games.

“After Best Buy, I need to go my friend,” Guerrero said. “She invited me to a Black Friday dinner. It’s going to be at five, so I need to finish my shopping faster.”

For some shoppers like Guerrero and Paul Ross, this year was their first time going Black Friday shopping.

“My girlfriend prompted it,” Ross said. “She’s been Black Friday shopping a lot and thought I’d try it out.”

A National Retail Federation survey says about half of American shoppers will spend about the same amount that they did last year, but 46 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds say they’ll spend more this holiday season.

Stores will likely close late Thursday evening and re-open the next morning.