Black Women in Art Exhibit Highlights Stories

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COLUMBIA - Students merged the celebration of Black History Month and Women's History Month at the Museum of Art and Archaeology on MU's campus.

This exhibition explores the history of art created by black women. In addition, the narratives expressed and symbolized in the art portray black women created by artists of differing races and sexes.

Some of the portraits are quite complex, but were chosen to reveal the diversity of artists and their way of visualizing different stories.

Curator of European and American Art and the creator of the exhibition, Mary Pixley, said she could not have done this alone. She had a team of people help her make this dream come true.

"I started this exhibition after a discussion at lunch time. One of my colleagues said she was thinking of writing a grant to bring in a storyteller. I told her if she got the grant, I would create this exhibition."

Picket said she hopes people are able to appreciate the different pieces in the gallery.

The exhibit closes April 29th.