BlackBerry Service Outages Affect Some Mid-Missourians

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COLUMBIA- Some mid-Missouri BlackBerry users reported service outages Wednesday. Users claimed they are having problems connecting to the internet and receiving e-mails. 

Reports of service issues began Monday overseas. This is the longest outage for BlackBerry in many years.

Service providers like AT&T and Sprint in Columbia could not comment on the issue and directed us to their headquarters. One Sprint representative said a failure within BlackBerry's developer, Research in Motion, is to blame.  

BlackBerry user Katie Lally said, "I haven't received any of the e-mails on my phone that I normally get, and I just thought I hadn't gotten any, but I checked my e-mail on my computer, and there was a whole bunch that hadn't been sent to my phone."

Mid-Missourians commented on KOMU's Facebook page saying they were having issues. However, most phone users in downtown Columbia said they used an iPhone or a Droid. 

Green Mobile's manager Kyle Young said no one has come into his store to report an issue with a BlackBerry yet. He also noticed many people who come into his store use iPhones. 

Lally said while she has had some issues with her BlackBerry in the past, she has no interest in buying a new phone.  

According to officials at RIM, the company is working to fix the problem.