Blue Symbolizes Two Awareness Causes in April

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COLUMBIA - The color blue may be more prominent during April to show support for Autism and Child Abuse Awareness.

Both awareness campaigns use the color blue to symbolize their messages.

Starting Tuesday, Jesse Dome on MU's campus will light up blue to remind everyone about autism and the fight to support those who are autistic or have family and friends that may be autistic.

Blue will also symbolize Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention for April.

People are encouraged to wear blue ribbons to help raise awareness of child abuse.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign started with one grandmother in Virginia, Bonnie Finney, who lost her 3-year-old grandson to her daughter's abusive boyfriend.

Bonnie tied a blue ribbon to her van to remind people in the community what happened to her grandson.

Since Bonnie started the campaign in 1989, it has become a national awareness campaign to help raise awareness of child abuse.