Blueprints For Mizzou Quick Care Clinics Are Not Finalized Yet

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COLUMBIA - Construction of the Mizzou Quick Care Clinics was supposed to start Monday, but have not started just yet. A public relations manager and media relations coordinator for MU Health Care have not released why construction has been delayed.

Store managers of Hyvee said they're also unsure when construction would begin because blueprints are changing to make room within the stores.

The University of Missouri Health Center and Hyvee partnered to open Mizzou Quick Care Clinics because of a need for quick and convenient health care. MU Health Care said the clinics would provide primary care to anyone in the community as long as they are at least one-year-old.

The Medical Director Susan Pereira, M.D., of Mizzou Quick Care Clinics said the clinics would make a convenient option for people.

"If you just need to know quickly, can my child go to daycare or not, do they have an ear infection or strep throat at 7 o'clock in the morning, you can get it done," Pereira said.

The construction at all three Hyvee locations in Columbia is expected to be completed by August and October.