Blumberg Off The Bench: February 26

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COLUMBIA -- There are plenty of signs at a Missouri basketball game. Some might make you dizzy, and others are oversized heads. However, Ellen Amos has a sign with a special message.

When former Missouri head coach Mike Anderson left for Arkansas, the media asked how the Tigers would reconcile their coach's departure.

"I think we'll reconcile by winning," senior Kim English said. That was a cue for Amos.

"That's when I looked at it, and I was like that's going to be my sign for next year," Amos said.

The black and gold "Reconcile By Winning" sign has not left Mizzou Arena since the start of the season. Reconcile in the dictionary features multiple meanings, but Amos is from Russellville, Missouri, and has a specific definition.

"The definition of reconcile would be to show, to show them," Amos said.

Just like English, the sign and its holder will move on next season. Amos currently works as a student teacher at Blue Spring South High School, but she graduates in May with an Agriculture Education degree. She plans to teach at the high school level and use the reconcile message in the classroom.