Board of Adjustment to decide on Great Circle group home permit

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COLUMBIA- A group home for young people with physical or mental handicaps might be added in Mid-Missouri. 

Great Circle, the non-profit agency that provides health services to children and their families, is one step away from getting final approval to operate the new building, which would go right next to an existing group home in Columbia.

The Columbia Board of Adjustment will decide at its meeting on Tuesday night whether to issue a conditional use permit that would allow the buildings to be adjacent to each other. 

Previous zoning restrictions in Columbia prevented two group homes from being within 1,000 feet of each other in a single family neighborhood.

However, City Council voted to amend those restrictions in its meeting on January 20. 

Now, certain exceptions allow for adjacent buildings provided that they have common ownership and that no other group home will be added within a 2,000-foot radius, among other things. 

The proposed home would be located on 1026 Westwinds Drive and would provide a supervised transitional living facility for young people aged 6-20. 

It would go next to the current building located on 1022 Westwinds Drive in Columbia. 

Great Circle Vice President John Money said Great Circle wanted the extra space to help accommodate more young people who need extra assistance.