Board of Curators\' highest priority project is new MU medical complex

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri Board of Curators approved 5-year capital project plans from every campus at their meeting Friday.

Chancellor Alexander Cartwright outlined MU’s campus priority projects, with the highest emphasis on the Transitional Precision Medicine Complex or TPMC. 

UM System President Mun Choi said TMPC is “the highest priority for the system.”

“This is an incredible game changer for the entire system of UM, but also for the state of Missouri,” Elizabeth Loboa, dean of the MU College of Engineering said. “The translational precision medicine complex is taking the combined strengths of the college of engineering, the school of medicine, the college of veterinary medicine and also VA hospital researchers in the same place.”

Laboa said precision medicine means you account for the individual genes, environment and lifestyle to provide a personalized health care approach for every patient. She says she believes this is the future of healthcare, and there is not another facility like TMPC. 

“The translational precision medical complex brings the best researchers in the state and on our campuses. It would be based here at MU, but would reach across the state and frankly the country,” Laboa said.

The project is estimated to cost about $150 million.

“It is very important for us to develop a system wide approach for selecting that will help move the University of Missouri System forward in terms of our ability to meet students' success, research breakthroughs and effective engagement. So, it was a very productive day,” Choi said.  

The remaining projects under MU's preliminary 5-year capital plan includes renovations and additions to the Sinclair School of Nursing, upgrades to the medical science building, a library depository addition and a new journalism building. 

Other top projects include exterior replacement for University of Missouri Health Care’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a new conservatory of music and dance at University of Missouri - Kansas City, an addition and renovation of a biosciences complex at Missouri University of Science and Technology and infrastructure improvements at University of Missouri - St. Louis.

"I believe that many of these projects will get supported. It’s a matter of timing as well as receiving the funding and support," Choi said. 

In March at the Board of Curators Finance Committee meeting, all the campuses will present updated plans as well as address financing.