Board Votes to Tear Down Old Southern Boone County High School

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone County School Board decided to begin stages of tearing down the old high school this week.

As you walk into the old Southern Boone County High School, you're immediately struck with an old, musty smell and chilly air.  There are piles of computer monitors in classrooms, dust covering tabletops, and trash spread about the schoool.  It looks nothing short of abandoned and trashed.

Jay McKee is the custodian supervisor at Southern Boone County High School and also an alumnus of the old high school.  He said after the heavy snowfall, the ceilings in the old building have more large, torn out wet areas from leaking.  He said the boiler breaking down caused the cold.

The president of the Southern Boone County School Board Ellen Kesterson said the building is the oldest in the district and is not usable.  With the increase in funding in the past few years, Kesterson said the board is trying to put the money in the right places to help out all the students in the district.

Kesterson said that like most old buildings, there is an asbestos problem.  She said that getting the asbestos checked out at the building is the first step in tearing it down.

According to the Boone County Journal, demolition estimates ranged from $250,000 to $300,000. However, the determined level of asbestos will dictate the final cost.

Kesterson said at this point, there is no timeline set on when the demolition will begin.

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