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LAKE OZARK - As residents begin to celebrate the fourth of July weekend, many are paying extra attention to weather conditions.

Between two and four inches of rain is predicted for mid-Missouri between Friday and Sunday. This has many boaters and residents getting an early start to the holiday weekend by getting out and enjoying the sun on Friday afternoon.

Karen Fuller is visiting the Lake of the Ozarks and said her plans are centered around the weather.

"We are down here early because of the weather. We know it is suppose to rain all weekend long so that is why we came down on Friday, so we could enjoy the best weather of the week," Fuller said.

Local businesses are also preparing for the heavy predictions of rain.

Johnathan Cohen, co-owner of Shady Gators at the Lake of the Ozarks, said his bar is also preparing for rain.

"We are praying that it doesn't rain, but if it does we have a lot of covered seating for people to eat and we have our band area covered, so we will be prepared," he said. "I really hope that if it does rain, it doesn't prevent people from coming to the lake."

However, Cohen is confident business will still remain strong. 

"I don't think the rain will have an effect on our numbers. If it was a regular weekend like sometime in June than I would be more worried, but it is the fourth of July and I think people will still want to come to the lake to have a good weekend," Cohen said.

Fuller said she is willing to stay past the weekend for nice weather.

"I think that it is going to be really nice on Monday so I think we will be willing to stay past the weekend so we can see some sun on the backside of the weekend," Fuller said.