Body cameras for the Fulton Police Department

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FULTON - They're heralded by some as the answer as to how to stop anything like the Michael Brown shooting from ever happening again.

Across America, police departments are considering body cameras as a way to verify what actually happens during an officer's time on duty.

But the Fulton Police Department was looking into body cameras more than a year and a half ago, and has been using them for six months.

Chief of Police Steve Meyers said since then, he's seen the cameras saving his department time.

"Since we've been using the cameras, our officers have had to make less court appearances to clarify what did or didn't happen," he said. "We've also had less officer complaints, because it's hard for people to dispute what has happened on camera."

Meyers said each camera costs about $750.

He said his department chose the model of camera they did because it's simple to use.

"I didn't want my officers fumbling, or having to worry about turning a camera on, as they are getting out of the car," he said. "It's especially relevant when things get dangerous."

Meyers said the cameras are funded by a grant from the department's liability insurance company.

The department plans on doing a comprehensive review of the impact of using body cameras in about six months.