Body Parts Found at Pettis County Trailer Park

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PETTIS COUNTY - The Pettis County Sheriff's Department discovered body parts in a container outside 65-year-old Joseph Arbieter's trailer in the Goodwill Chapel Trailer Park Monday afternoon. 

Deputies found a hand, arms, and a leg in the metal container next to Arbieter's trailer as well as more body parts in the woods behind his home.  

His landlord Sherry Woorley said she had rented the place to him 18 months ago and never had a problem with him.  

"This is completely astonishing to me," Woorley said. 

Arbieter was arrested on April 30 for sexually assaulting a women down the street from him.  Woorley and her husband went to evict Arbieter's stuff from his trailer earlier on Monday when they smelled something coming from the metal container.  They then called the sheriff's department. 

Tracie Karigan, a neighbor to Arbieter was shocked by the chain of events. 

"When I got the phone call that this had happened, I thought it was a joke," Karigan said. "So I drove out here and when I got out here and seen all the sheriffs' cars and everything so it wasn't a joke." 

The Pettis County Medical Examiner's office is expected to have the preliminary autopsy report sometime Tuesday afternoon. 


"Editors Note: This story has been changed to reflect the correct medical examiner's office."