Boil Order on Until at Least Saturday

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FAYETTE - Workers repaired a water main break here Friday, but the city is maintaining its boil advisory until at least Saturday afternoon. The break caused the water pressure to drop below the standards required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Thursday night, leading to the advisory.

Other leaks in water lines were fixed early Friday afternoon, and the city sent water samples to Columbia to be tested. The city believes because it was able to get the samples to the testing facility by Friday afternoon, the water will be cleared by Saturday afternoon.

This order is one of at least ten issued in the past month in Fayette. Installing new lines and fire hydrants caused the water main to break Thursday night. Most of the other issues in the past month have been caused by replacing old lines.

The city believes while there is no work to be done in the near future that may cause more malfunctions in the system, there could be more this fall. The new water tower in the city has not been used, and once up and running, it may cause another brief boil order. In addition, the city will continue to replace water lines in the fall, which could cause more problems.