Bombs in Belgium make students reconsider spring break trip

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COLUMBIA - A University of Missouri study abroad trip is scheduled to begin in Brussels on Saturday, but after the attacks Tuesday, the group is hesitant to move forward.

Tom Johnson is leading the planned Belgium spring break trip.

"The first and most important priority is the students' safety. If we are not assured that the students will be safe, we will not go," Johnson said.

He said he and the students want to be sensitive to the people in Brussels.

Johnson said, "If they are still recovering and busy trying to respond to the people that they serve, we don't want to be there and get in their way."

Johnson said the group will determine on Wednesday how to proceed with the spring break trip.

The group is keeping in touch with students already in Brussels.

KOMU 8 News reporter Hannah Knutson, is among the 16 MU journalism students there. She reported from Brussels about the terror bombings and the state of the city after the incident.