Bond Work at CPS Is Almost Done

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Schools' summer construction projects are almost finished. Schools with renewed facilities, including work on windows, roofs and parking lots, are waiting to welcome kids Tuesday.

"Probably we are reaching 80 percent mark," said Columbia Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Baumstark. "We've been talking about completing these projects. Two biggest ptojects being West Middle School and Jefferson Middle School. Both of those buildings are older buildings. West is over 50 years old and Jefferson Middle School is reacing a 100 year mark."

West Middle School was one of the schools that underwent the biggest changes. Workers upgraded heating and air-conditioning systems, installed energy efficient windows, renovated locker rooms and much more. Renovations in West Middle Schools cost $3.8 million.

A Columbia Public Schools spokesperson said around one third of the district's buildings underwent some kind of work this summer.

The projects in schools stem from the voter-approved bonds from 2010 and 2012.