Boone County Art Show brings culture, history to art scene

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COLUMBIA - Hundreds of art enthusiasts attended the Boone County Art show in Columbia over the weekend.

Diana Moxon is the Executive Director of the Columbia Art League. She said the origin of the art show, hosted at the Boone County National Bank, dates back to the 1950s.

"There was an art show outside the bank in 1959 and it was raining so the bank president came out and said ‘why don't you come into the lobby so you don't get wet' and that was how the whole thing started," Moxon said.

Both professional and non-professional artists submitted the 187 works on display. Students, local artists and community members attended the 55th annual show.

"I think it's just a really easy way to see art," she said. "I think sometimes people get a little intimidated by galleries, and this is very easy. It's in a bank. There's loads of people. There's live music for part of the day. It's just a nice place to come and wander around."

The Boone County Art show kicked off Friday evening and closed Sunday evening. Artists entered their works into professional, non-professional and mixed categories. Moxon said she's most proud of the number of pieces purchased over the weekend. Prices ranged from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Moxon described the pricing of art as almost "inexplicable."

"It's something that's very difficult for artists to do. It's always a struggle," she said.

Moxon said when trying to determine a price an artist must not only evaluate how much the materials cost, but also the time taken to complete the piece and the artists' training.

"You've got to build a brand like anything else," she said. "Some people don't want to let go of their work so they put a high price on it so nobody buys it. There's lot of different factors that go into every single price that you look at."

She said for the last 55 years the bank continues to invite the Columbia Art League back to have its art show. She said there is a thriving art scene in Columbia.

"It's amazing to watch the transformation take place, " she said. "At 5 o'clock on Friday evening it's a fully functioning bank and by 5:30 all the desks are cleared, all the art is gone and we turn it into an art gallery for the weekend."

The Columbia Art League works to provide the local community with visual art through exhibitions, education and creation of art, according to its website.