Boone County Clerk Expects Low Voter Turnout

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Clerk's office blames ballot issues for an expected low voter turnout county-wide for Tuesday's elections.

County Clerk Wendy Noren estimates about 18 percent of all Boone County active voters to head to the polls.

"We don't have control of what's on the ballot," Noren said. "The more you consolidate elections, I will say, the better your turnout is going to be because you have more issues on the same day."

Columbia voters will see a number of issues on the ballot Tuesday, including a $50 million bond issue for Columbia Public Schools and Columbia School Board vacancies.

The only contested city council race comes in the city's first ward. That area historically has had the lowest voter turnout in Columbia.

"The first ward tends to be a little more transient," Noren said. "You get a good turn out in a presidential election or big general election but local elections there's a bit of a disconnect."

Aside from following all legal obligations of notifying voters of an upcoming election, Boone County also sends voters sample ballots of what they can expect to see at the polls.

Noren said every voter needs to check their address is updated on their voter registration before going to the polls tomorrow.

Polls open at 8 a.m. To find your polling place or change your address, visit the Boone County Clerk's website.