Boone county commission approves bridge repairs.

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BOONE COUNTY - Four different bridges around Boone County are marked for repairs.

"Well like everything else, bridges have a life expectancy and you know after so much traffic and so many years of use they need repair or replacement," Boone County Commissioner Dan Atwill said. "So these are the ones that have come up for next year that have uh, have reached the top of the list."

Two bridges on Route E will receive resurfacing near Perche Creek and Rocky Fork. The bridges on Route UU and Route OO near Hinkson Creek will be rebuilt.

The commissioner said MoDOT expects the cost of repairs will be more than $2.2 million. 

Crews expect the work to take about two months. 

[Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct the dateline to Boone County from Columbia]