Boone County Commission Hopes to Have Tax on April Ballot

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Commission is considering a measure on the April ballot to pay for 911 improvements.

The commission held a meeting Thursday afternoon at the Boone County Government Center to discuss creating a county-wide sales tax for the Columbia/Boone County Office of Joint Communications and the Columbia/Boone County Office of Emergency Management.

The Boone County Commission formed a panel last year to make recommendations on the proposed 911 sales tax. The tax would provide funding for the 911 services budgets as well as a new operations facility with up-to-date technology.

"The arrangement that was set up in 1977 is vastly out of date. The equipment and software and all the dispatching gear is in need of replacement and upgrading," said Presiding Boone County Commissioner Dan Atwill. 

The panel believes that besides the sales tax, the two offices should join to form a single county department.

While Atwill said the commission did not decide on a sales tax percentage, it will most likely finalize the number at its next meeting on January 11th.