Boone County Commission looks forward to building more affordable homes

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Commission is rezoning an existing area to allow an additional 130 homes in Columbia. Commissioners said the homes in that area will be comparatively cheaper than others in the area. 

According to the Boone County Commission, "The subject properties, which about Boones Pointe subdivision and University Estates subdivision, are located on the east side of Nursery Road approximately 700 feet south of the intersection of State Route K and Nursery Road."

The Boone County Master Plan has designated this 42 acres area as being suitable for residential land use. 

Janet Thompson, the northern district Boone County commissioner, describes the new homes as "affordable housing."

"It's considered to be something that we need in this community, to be able to have people in homes," Thompson said.  

Thompson also said that the property is close to a new elementary school, which will provide families with kids a better place to live. 

However, with the improvement of the area, the county will have to add on to a road going to the subdivision, Thompson said.

John Barrett, a nearby resident, said the heavy traffic is not the only thing that concerns him. 

"There are also supposed to be some type of waste water system going on there too," Barrett said. "So there is always a worry that there could be an additional smell, you know, all these things that make the area less attractive."

Thompson said there are some substantial improvements that have been put into that area already, and the city, the county, and the state will come together to find the solution. 

"As we develop the land out there, we're going to have to address that, we can't simply ignore the problem," Thompson said.