Boone County detective says road-rage violence is rare

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COLUMBIA - Despite a road rage shooting late Thursday in Columbia, a Boone County Sheriff's Department detective said Friday incidents like it don't happen often.

"As far as road rage, I wouldn't say they happen with any frequency but we are seeing more instances as a result of the easy availability of firearms where what might have been a fist fight fifteen, twenty years ago now is involving firearms," Boone County Sheriff's Department Detective Tom O'Sullivan said. 

O'Sullivan said easy access to firearms contributes to more violent crimes.

"People in this day and age, you have to take extra steps to safeguard yourself against being a victim of crime and you have to be cognizant of there are more people out there carrying firearms," he added. 

O'Sullivan also said most firearm owners are law abiding citizens.

Columbia drivers said they should drive with courtesy to protect themselves from this type of crime.

"Be more respectful," Shawn Akumalla said.

"While you drive then if you don't want to get shot while you drive."

O'Sullivan encouraged drivers not to escalate an already potentially volatile situation.