Boone County disposes its surplus of government equipment

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday morning to decide how to dispose of old and broken government assets. Assets include computers, copiers, printers, cars and several other items taxpayers' dollars fund.

District 2 Commissioner Janet Thompson said, "The goal of this meeting is to ensure Boone County is maximizing the lifespan of all its equipment."

Thompson added, "It's pretty much got to be broken or not worth worth fixing for the county to get rid of it. By auctioning off old equipment, [Boone County] is able to bring some money back into the pot that can be reallocated for more reliable and up-to-date supplies."  

The commission will decide which items get destroyed and which will be salvaged and auctioned away. 

Thompson said there is no standard they follow, as each item is looked at individually and assessed case-by-case.