Boone County Fair moving to Sturgeon

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STURGEON - The Boone County Fair will take place in Sturgeon in July 2016. 

Boone County Fair Board President Jeff Cook said the board decided Sturgeon would be the best location for the fair. 

This is the first time the fair has been held somewhere outside of Columbia since 1991.

Sturgeon Mayor Gene Kelly said this opportunity will be very beneficial for the town.

"We are very excited to have the fair here, and we know that it will bring more economic opportunities for our residents and businesses."

Sturgeon Fairgrounds Board President Zane Arends said he was a little surprised when he was told Sturgeon would host the upcoming fair.

Arends said the plan is to host the fair at the John Dale Lawrence Memorial Fairgrounds Park in Sturgeon.

"Well we are a smaller town, but I am very happy with the board's decision and we will do the best we can to keep traditions going."

This comes after the Boone County Commission voted to close the Central Missouri Event Center in Columbia after a sales tax increase failed to pass last year. 

Bondi Wood is the former Co-Chair of the EPIC Campaign Committee. Proposition EPIC would have increased all sales tax in Boone County 1/8th of a cent, and the money would have gone to Boone County Fairgrounds and other county parks.

Wood said she is thankful that there is somewhere else for the fair to go, but worries about the size of Sturgeon being able to hold this event.

"It's quite a bit smaller, and it's not going to be able to accommodate the kinds and numbers and types of activities that the Boone County Fair has had in the past."

Wood said she doesn't believe the public understands that the fairgrounds and the Boone County Fair are two different venues, and she believes that is what led to the defeat of the sales tax issue.

"I wish that the commission had honored its deal with the Boone County Fair that they were going to allow them to continue to use the facility for two weeks every July, but I guess they're not."

Cook said the board has not discussed many details about the upcoming fair and will meet next on November 12 to discuss future plans.