Boone County Fair set to stay in Sturgeon

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BOONE COUNTY - Next year's Boone County Fair will stay in Sturgeon.

The Boone County Fair Board voted last week to keep the 2017 fair in Sturgeon, after hosting the fair for the first time this year because the board was unable to reach an agreement with the county. 

President of the Boone County Fair Board, Jeff Cook said the board voted to stay in Sturgeon because the board wasn't sure how much it owed Veterans United and UPS to rent the location in Boone County. In addition to that, the Boone County Commissioners wanted to charge the Fair Board $10,000.

Also, Cook said the area that used to be known as the Boone County Fairgrounds had issues of its own that would cost money.

"Some of the wiring, some of the barns have been stolen. Some of the breaker boxes have been stolen And who was gonna have to pay for all that for us to be able to have the fair there again?"

In contrast, the 2016 fair in Sturgeon only cost $4,100.

Fred Parry, Republican candidate for the Southern District seat on the Boone County Commission, was one person who is against the decision to stay in Sturgeon.

He released a statement Thursday that said leasing part of the property will not help with a long-term solution.

"In spite of a promise made in 1999 that the fair board would be able to host the fair on this property, they have been displaced at great financial peril."